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October 24, 2006


To: askweres03@yahoo.com
I'm Morreen, 20 years of age, I was a student of milonatan girls secondary school in the home town Mogadishu, but due to the rebel fight that has taken some time most of our family members passed away on this (died) some of our family members scattered and followed different routs our father was killed one night when we was attacked and he said some words to defend us I and my mum from being raped but all still went the same he was killed and were raped that very night but on that I will not write much about that but to any mass full person who will respond I will say more and all the problem we are undergoing some of this when I say I cry. I, mum and bonny ran up to the border of Kenya and Somalia where we got some old lady (widow) who has really helped us since July 2nd / 2007 and giving us accommodation and food, which she also says is ending to keep us on by November, to me as a girl child am much worried from of where we will go that for the next month due this lady has shortage of food but she could still keep us. From all the three of us mum, Bonny 13 yrs, it's me who at lest know English they all speak Swahili. We need help and living advice from different people I have now for two days got a chance for going internet and what am doing is combining words that can make up an emailing address. From the 6 emails I have made I think and at lest one goes through. But we pray that at lest on email or two goes to some one who can help us. And we say to the God to whom we serve that enters person who receives this massage not share with others and even if any church is near takes this to church and where threes crowed so that some mass full person have the spirit and respond to our cry. Whoever receives this let the holly spirit enter your heart torches you and respond to us God my bless you.

Yours the needy three

Morreen Delana

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